The Many Shades of 

All that is well in me is you

There is no me without you
The seed of the title, The Many Shades of Well-Being, was planted in the immediate aftermath of Covid and has now blossomed into a many-leaved book. Contained within are the journeys of 22 people who have turned their life’s blueprint from darkness to the brightest shade of light. Their stories are a reminder that amidst the fleetingness of everything we hold on to, there is a part of us that chooses to remain faithful to the idea of being well. As these humans revealed their stories, Reshma Jain embraced her role as an immersed listener curating and absorbing the complexity of their lives, living their lives’ trajectory vicariously through them. Most of these contributors are non-writers who embraced writing as a challenge and present their story with authenticity.

This book brings forward no extraordinary stories. Only an introduction to how ordinary humans continually enable themselves to tap into their extraordinariness.


Reshma Jain

Is the Founder and Creative Director at The Narrators. She is a writer, curator, translator and singer. Her journey prior to The Narrators includes positions such as editor of the bi-monthly magazine Marwar and columnist with Sunday Mid-Day, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, The Daily Mail-London, and other international publications.

The Narrators has worked on more than 60 books including corporate publications, poetry anthologies, Rotary Club weekly bulletins, and personalised birthday books.

Reshma was invited as keynote speaker at the Asian Women's Economic Conference on Women in Media in Yokohama, Japan. She has also been a facilitator and translator for the documentary: Mana Sapna—A Mother's Dream produced by Zurich University of the Arts.

In her quest for spiritual purpose, Reshma follows the teachings of Pujya Gurudev shri Rakesh ji and volunteers with the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Dharampur's Ten Care programme which includes initiatives in the field of education, women's empowerment, animal care, health care, child care, tribal care, community care, environment care, humanitarian services, and emergency relief care.

The Writers

As soon as my naive feet stepped towards the expanse of “Well-Being”, I knew this book was going to be a space of listening, arriving and being “present” to the extraordinary in every moment’s ordinariness. The book holds narratives of Well-Being by 22 such people across diverse professions, ages and life experiences, along with a foreword from me.

The Many Shades of Well-Being, indeed, turned into a book of many shades with each writer bringing forward their own unique shade of being well.

My journey with this book has brought it till here. With you, may it grow.